A healthy and active lifestyle, as well as periodic visits to the doctor, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including stroke and heart attack, said Dmitry Duplyakov, director of the Research Institute of Cardiology of the Samara State Medical University, in an interview with RT.

He recalled that heart attacks and strokes occur due to blockage of blood vessels by blood clots, which form at the sites of growth of atherosclerotic plaques.

Among the measures for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the specialist called training and a balanced diet. Duplyakov also advised to give up bad habits, drink clean water regularly and strive to maintain a good mood.

According to the cardiologist, the doctor may prescribe drugs that reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

“For the prevention of heart disease, it is necessary to regularly see a therapist and conduct a general and biochemical blood test with mandatory monitoring of cholesterol and glucose levels,” the expert added.

Earlier, endocrinologist and nutritionist Tatyana Filippova named products that reduce the risk of heart attack in men.