Irina Litvyakova, a cardiologist at the National Research Medical Center of the LRC of the Ministry of Health , Candidate of Medical Sciences, told how the state of the cardiovascular system can be improved. It is reported by RIAMO.

Litvyakova said that the easiest way to improve the condition of your internal organs is to follow a healthy lifestyle, including quitting smoking and drinking alcohol. Sports activities will also be beneficial for health.

It is recommended to add fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and poultry meat to the diet. However, it must be borne in mind that the beneficial microelements contained in these products cannot replace full-fledged drug therapy if the diseases have already manifested themselves.

The doctor noted that not all physical exercises can be useful for problems with the cardiovascular system. She advised me to devote more time to special cardio activities, which include walking and cycling exercises. At the same time, the cardiologist insists on the rejection of exercises with a sharp start, for example, weight lifting.

Litvyakova also clarified that shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue and high blood pressure may indicate heart problems. In case of detection of relevant symptoms, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible for an examination.

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