chronic stress

In fact, stress is not what most of us think about it. When this term was introduced into scientific circulation in the middle of the last century, stress was understood as the reaction of the body to the influence of various adverse factors. If the reaction is adequate (it’s cold outside, but I’ll dress warmer) it’s a “good” stress. And if, under the influence of the environment, a person breaks down (summer is over, and I don’t want to live) – “bad”.

Chronic stress, in which many modern people live, can cause a weakening of “male power”. It is unlikely that something will be done with the rhythm of life, but you can adapt to it. The main thing to remember is that you can’t earn all the money, but you can lose an erection.

With chronic stress that provokes a decrease in sexual desire in men, it is worth contacting a psychologist. And do not think that this is at least to some extent shameful. We are all humans. And everyone at different stages of life has problems that can be difficult to cope with alone.

Male power depends on many reasons. And the pace of modern life directly affects it. Both physically difficult working conditions and, conversely, a sedentary lifestyle can affect. And, of course, frequent lack of sleep, nervous tension, anxiety also do not improve libido and potency.

By the way, why is it customary to associate all stress factors with work, business, etc.? At home, a man can expect something worse: the illness of his parents, the disgusting behavior of his children, his wife’s betrayal, finally!

Almost everyone at least once in their life felt like a squirrel in a wheel. And it seemed to everyone that there was no way out, no outlet. Work is for the family, the time after it is for the children, sex is for the wife or mistress…

What can be advised here? Find something for yourself! In addition to football and fishing, there are so many wonderful hobbies … Someone is a fan of breeding aquarium fish, someone collects toy houses, and someone casts tin soldiers – it doesn’t matter. It is important that it helps relieve stress.

Does not work? Then you need to connect means to combat stress. For example, a modern drug that helps to “remove” anxiety is Tenoten. It helps to stay calm and collected, it is easier to endure stressful situations.