To whom are we ready to entrust the health of our eyes? That’s right, only professionals with extensive practical experience. And what could better reflect the experience of the surgeon than the number of operations? The leading ophthalmic surgeon of the Clinic of Progressive Ophthalmology 3Z has already performed more than 25,000 cataract surgeries during his medical experience. Worried about your diagnosis, you may think that this figure is not important to you. But 25,000 operations are people just like you, who were just as worried, and in the end were able to get rid of cataracts and again clearly see the world around them.

As you noticed, we are talking specifically about the experience of ophthalmic surgeons, since the only reliable and scientifically proven way to get rid of cataracts is the surgical replacement of a clouded lens with an artificial transparent lens. This fact is also confirmed ophthalmologists and the “Clinical Guidelines for Senile Cataract”*, which formulate all modern approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of this pathology.

For a simpler understanding of what happens in your eye when a cataract appears, let’s compare the fibers of the lens protein with the protein of a chicken egg. Everyone knows that the transparent and viscous substance of the latter becomes white and dense under the influence of temperature. Due to natural aging processes, your lens also seems to change. That is why the advertised gymnastics, drops, special glasses and various folk remedies are simply not able to return your natural lens to its former transparent and elastic state, which is so necessary for good vision quality. Remember that using these ineffective ways to deal with the disease is just wasted time that brings you closer to blindness.

At the 3Z clinic, your path to getting rid of cataracts will take only 1 day** and will consist of several stages: a comprehensive vision diagnosis, selection of an artificial lens, preoperative tests, surgery, and a follow-up examination of the result. The surgical procedure only lasts about 7 minutes per eye and does not require hospitalization. This means that within a couple of hours after cataract surgery, you will be able to go home on your own. The next time you meet with an ophthalmic surgeon, you will need the next day for a final examination.

The professionalism of doctors is a significant advantage of 3Z, because our employees are highly qualified specialists with extensive practical experience. At the same time, ophthalmic surgeons constantly practice, study and share their knowledge with colleagues at medical conferences and forums. Now you know that you are in safe hands with us! It’s time to take the first step towards good vision – sign up for vision diagnostics at the 3Z clinic. And for pensioners, we have a permanent social discount of 10% for this examination.

*Clinical recommendations of the Ministry of Health “senile cataract” (2020). **When performing surgery on 1 eye. Tri-Z LLC, license No. L041-00110-26/00589165 dated February 3, 2022, OGRN 1032304158193.

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