Summer is not only a time of vivid impressions, rest and vacations. It also becomes a real test for the skin – due to the bright sun, boat trips and other factors. Autumn hits the skin no less, because the temperature begins to change to a lower one, it rains, the weather becomes windy. How to take care of the skin so that it can calmly survive all these stresses, and what procedures are of particular relevance in the autumn, told cosmetologist, head and founder of the cosmetology clinic Zainab Mirzoyeva.

Attention to hydration

As the doctor notes, after summer and active tanning, when the sun burns the skin, first of all, it needs active hydration and improved tone. Lack of moisture causes dryness and sagging, as a result, the face ages prematurely. Also, against the background of dehydration, deep folds and wrinkles can form.

It is worth adding more water to your diet – be sure to follow the drinking regimen of one and a half liters of fluid per day. Of the procedures, it is recommended to stop the choice on:

Mesotherapy is an injection technique in which special preparations based on vitamins and other beneficial ingredients are injected into the skin.

Biorevitalization is a procedure for the point subcutaneous injection of preparations based on hyaluronic acid to moisturize and improve the appearance of the skin.

Collagen therapy is an injection method of correction when a material based on natural collagen is injected under the skin.

Such manipulations, notes Zainab Mirzoyeva, will restore skin density, normalize hydration (moisture saturation level), correct the work of the sebaceous glands and prepare the skin for the upcoming cold weather.

The fight against pigment

Age spots of different sizes and locations are a real misfortune after the summer. After all, they can form for various reasons, for example, they unsuccessfully squeezed out inflammation on the face, and then went out into the sun without covering with sunscreen – and now a stain has formed. They can also appear randomly due to the wrong choice of cosmetics in the summer, for example, when using products with retinol. In general, there are many reasons. And autumn, the beautician emphasizes, is a great time to correct excess pigment.

“The most effective procedures for getting rid of pigment formation are chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing. With the help of such manipulations, the skin is exfoliated and renewed. Surface spots pass without a trace, ”says cosmetologist Mirzoeva.

Autumn, unlike summer, just becomes a great time to use retinol, because the sun is no longer so active (retinol increases the photosensitivity of the skin, due to which spots appear). This is a variant of vitamin A, as experts note, this vitamin cannot be used on the skin in its pure form, so the formula has been improved, and its derivatives, which are safe for surface application, have been called retinol. Small molecules of the product easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. They have both anti-aging and brightening effects. It is worth remembering that only a specialist should prescribe retinol, you should not independently purchase a remedy with it.

To enhance the effect, it is worth providing good home care. In autumn, moisturizing and nourishing products will be more than ever good – everything must be chosen depending on the needs of the skin. Do not forget the simple rules of daily care: obligatory cleansing, tonic and protection in the form of moisturizing and nourishing creams. It is important to properly take care not only of the face, but also of the body – wraps, peels and massages will be an excellent solution.