When autumn comes, a person automatically loses the desire to go out more often. At the same time, as doctors assure, movement is life. Therefore, at first it is worth it through force, and then out of habit, add walks to your life. The main thing is to follow a number of simple rules that will make them comfortable and healthy. About how to walk in the fall in order to receive only benefits, told Candidate of Medical Sciences, otorhinolaryngologist of the highest category Vladimir Zaitsev.

The specialist noted that it is more comfortable to walk in autumn, since the air is no longer as warm as in summer, the asphalt does not soar, the surrounding buildings, too, and there is pleasant freshness in the forest. “In autumn, the temperature drops, it starts to rain, the air gets humidified, which is good for a person and his breathing,” explains Vladimir Zaitsev. In this case, it is worth remembering about the main danger – hypothermia. After all, if a person freezes on a walk, he has an increased risk of developing viral infections, runny nose, sore throat and cough.

Evening walks

If a person decides to walk in the evenings, then, rather, it is not about a hike from work to home – this is also good, but not a walk. But if he came home, changed clothes, had dinner and then went for a walk – that’s good. “Having made the decision to walk in the evenings, you should not immediately be zealous and leave the house for an hour or two, or even until you collapse from fatigue. The first exit should be 15-20 minutes, or even 10-15. After all, there is a load on the joints and other body systems, ”explains the specialist.

You don’t have to run right away either. Experts generally recommend making a choice in favor of monotonous walks. It cannot be compared with any fitness club, notes Vladimir Zaitsev. After all, pictures change in front of a person, he constantly pays attention to something new. In addition, at this moment he has a uniform and monotonous breathing, which allows the body to saturate with oxygen, and gives peace of mind, the otorhinolaryngologist says. “From this, the brain is well saturated with oxygen, the cardiovascular system, the muscular apparatus begin to work better,” says Vladimir Zaitsev.

Gradually, you need to approach the optimal time and intensity of walks for yourself. “The standard should be a feeling of slight fatigue, not too intense and excessive load, but pleasant, so that the muscles do not hurt in the morning,” emphasizes Vladimir Zaitsev.

Walk safety

In order not to get sick during such evening exercises, the otorhinolaryngologist advises not to forget about the right clothes – you should definitely equip yourself for the weather: jacket, hat, gloves. Sneakers should choose insulated and high.

To walk without consequences, it is worth adjusting your breathing. It is better to breathe through the nose, since it is nasal breathing that ventilates the brain better. But throat breathing is responsible for the ventilation of the lungs, heart and blood vessels. “The advantage of breathing through the nose when the mouth is closed is protection from hypothermia of the back of the throat. That is, proper breathing in such a situation becomes a defense against diseases such as pharyngitis, tonsillopharyngitis, inflammation of the nasopharynx. But the brain, circulatory system, heart and blood vessels will be saturated with oxygen,” notes Vladimir Zaitsev. He also recommends refusing to talk on the phone during such walks – in general, ideally, in order to be completely beneficial, it is worth abstracting, turning off, connecting an element of meditation.

Walking in the fall is a must – this will help maintain health, provide the necessary movement and, with proper organization, provide rest for the nervous system.