Novelties in the field of cosmetology promise us a miracle effect of rejuvenation easily and quickly. But proponents of innovative methods are often silent about the other side of the coin. What are the consequences of RF-lifting and other hardware procedures and is there an alternative, said Anna Negm — cosmetologist, expert in the field of minimally invasive rejuvenation techniques, dermatovenereologist.

What is the danger of RF-lifting?

Most of the hardware procedures, including RF-lifting, are aimed at increasing the temperature in the tissues. During heating, the main skin cells, fibroblasts, which produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and extracellular matrix, are destroyed. It is their quantity that determines the degree of firmness, hydration and elasticity of the skin.

Hardware techniques are focused on a temperature of 70-85 °C, at which irreversible denaturation of collagen and elastin protein fibers occurs. In other words, their structure is violated: they collapse, shorten, creating a temporary lifting effect, but become unviable and can no longer perform their functions. Only the extracellular matrix remains, which gradually becomes thinner. Since up to 40% of fibroblasts die, new protein fibers are not produced.

As a result of heating, skin injury occurs. In medicine and cosmetology, they often resort to such an effect in order to create a controlled activation of immunity and obtain a temporary effect of rejuvenation. After an injury, the skin must actively synthesize new collagen. It is during this period that patients note tone and smartness, smoothing wrinkles.

But for a long-lasting lifting effect, active stimulation of skin cell division is necessary. Since this does not happen after hardware procedures, the injured areas remain weakened. The swelling of the tissues gradually disappears, and the skin subsides. After 2-3 months, it becomes dull, thin, parchment-like, inelastic, which irritates even more and makes you look for new ways of rejuvenation.

A healthy alternative to RF lifting

Most often, patients go for RF-lifting when they notice a fly, a swollen oval of the face. In this procedure, they are attracted by painlessness, the absence of visible traces.

But in cosmetology there are aggressive-destructive methods, which can just be attributed to devices, and aggressive-constructive methods, for example, the installation of threads.

As a result of the aggressively destructive effect of RF-lifting, the supply of your own skin cells dries up, and in the short term, its quality is worse than it was before the procedure. And people are ready to endure high temperature, burns, swelling, edema, not understanding the risks of such injury. Punctures seem to them something more dangerous to health.

However, anti-aging procedures should be aimed at preserving the skin’s own cells. One of the alternatives to thermolifting is thread lifting, which perfectly compensates for age-related changes while maintaining tension vectors. Understanding the biomechanics of aging, one can easily reverse the process: it is enough to create an antivector.

If there is a desire to get rid of age markers (nasolacrimal sulcus, retraction of cheek-temple volumes, nasolabial fold, floating oval, puppet-wrinkles), you need to understand why they arose. Most often, it lies not only in the skin.

It is important to understand what is happening under it, where the gravity vector at the muscle level has shifted, superficial and deep fat packages have descended. All these structures must be returned to their original place and only then take care of the quality of the skin. If you need to solve the problem of a fuzzy oval, resort to elastic thread lifting with absorbable or non-absorbable threads.

The technique allows you to remove muscle spasm, which reduces the skin in a constant time interval, due to which the face acquires youthful features. When it is necessary to tighten the skin, improve its quality, you can put simple threads in the desired layer. This approach stimulates its own fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, extracellular matrix. Together, all this allows you to achieve tightness of the skin.

It is also possible to use the patient’s own fat cells (lipofilling), from which an emulsion is prepared. It is injected into the deep layers of the skin using a painless micro-puncture. This technique gives the effect of rejuvenation for 3-5 years. At first, the result is imperceptible, but after 8 weeks new fibroblasts are born. Appears glow, radiance, smoothness of the skin. A person does nothing, but at the same time he is getting younger.

A competent cosmetologist will help you choose the variant of the procedure that suits you and deal with all the subtleties, and, as you already understood, not a single hardware procedure will save you from the cause of the deterioration in appearance, but only from the symptoms. And soon you will again look for ways to get rid of actual problems.

A properly selected technique aimed at preserving and stimulating your own skin cells (fibroblasts) will give a long-term effect.

There are contraindications, you need to consult a specialist.