Silicon is the second most abundant chemical element after oxygen in the earth’s crust. But its compounds are also found in human tissues. They enter our body, including with water, and penetrate into it from the soil and rocks.

Scientists of the Baltic Federal University. I. Kant and Chuvash State University. I.N. Ulyanov completed a study that lasted almost 20 years. They found that silicon compounds in the composition of drinking water or dietary supplements (BAA) can cause inflammation in the body and start the process of premature aging – this is its immune response.

According to researchers, there are “silicon provinces” on the planet – territories where ancient seas used to splash. There, the concentrations of silicates in natural waters are at the limit of the norm. Such areas exist, for example, in Chuvashia. In addition, dietary supplements and methods of artificial enrichment of drinking water with minerals have gained wide popularity.

The authors of the work studied the effect of water enriched with silicon salts on laboratory animals. It turned out that this element is absorbed in the intestines from water-soluble compounds and begins to have an inflammatory effect on the body. And it, in turn, leads to premature aging. The experiments were repeated several times to verify the reliability of the results.

“A daily intake of silicon with drinking water at a concentration of 10 mg / l, if drunk on demand, in a few months initiates immunological inflammation in animals and accelerates the natural aging of the body,” says Associate Professor of the Department of Fundamental Medicine of the Medical Institute of the IKBFU I. Kant, candidate of medical sciences Valentina Gordova. – Now in the English-language scientific literature there is a term inflammaging – this is aging, which is caused by systemic inflammation. The study of the causes of such inflammation is one of the leading directions of modern science. And we just found one of these reasons.”

Valentina Gordova emphasizes that modern science does not know how to reverse systemic inflammation. And he hopes that specialists from the relevant fields of medicine will pay attention to their study, because the results obtained on animals can be applied to humans.

“If one competent doctor explains to patients that the use of supplements containing bioavailable silicon is unsafe for health, this will already be someone’s life saved. The same applies to preventive medicine: I hope nutritionists will be more careful with the appointment of silicon-containing drugs. And the most promising direction now is the development of water filters that would retain silicates, but this is not a quick process, ”concludes the researcher.