Everyone wants beautiful, straight and white teeth. And if you can’t cope without a specialist in order to make them even, then it’s quite possible to adjust your diet, introduce products into it that clean your teeth from unpleasant plaque and help make them more beautiful.

“Professional dental whitening in the clinic is not available to everyone, and it cannot be performed often,” says Ilya Korobkov, maxillofacial surgeon, implant dentist, orthopedist. “It’s easier to adjust your diet and whiten your teeth naturally, without the use of chemicals and complicated procedures.”

Note that no products and even procedures in the dentist’s office can make your teeth whiter. The natural color of the enamel is individual for everyone, it varies from light yellow to cream. “The enamel is white, normally it can have a creamy tint,” the expert notes, “the dentin located under it is always yellow, sometimes with a grayish tone, the color depends on the mineral inorganic substances in its composition. The denser the concentration of minerals in dentin, the more yellow it is. Enamel, in turn, is translucent, the color of dentin appears through it.

To whiten your teeth, you need to clean them of plaque first. And this is facilitated by products that can be in our daily diet. For example, whitening is promoted by:

Celery, turnip, daikon are excellent teeth whitening foods that do not have excess acids, contain a lot of fiber, which is good not only for teeth, but also for the entire gastrointestinal tract. “In addition, the habit of eating raw hard vegetables serves as a regular gum massage, which is good for the condition of all oral tissues,” adds Ilya Korobkov.

Raw carrots, bell peppers, and broccoli are high in vitamin C and calcium, which helps keep breath fresh and teeth white.

Citrus. Due to the acids in the composition, these fruits are bleached naturally. “It is useful to chew a slice of orange, lemon, grapefruit together with the peel 1-2 times a day, after which it is necessary to rinse your mouth with alkaline mineral water to neutralize acids,” the expert warns.

If it is impossible to consume the pulp of citrus fruits (for example, with increased acidity of the stomach, gastritis), you can chew the dried crust of these fruits after eating. This will freshen your breath and help keep your teeth clean.

Hard varieties of apples. They are great for cleaning teeth.

Strawberry. For whitening, you can eat a few berries, chewing thoroughly. “You can also knead a couple of berries and brush your teeth with a mass, like regular paste,” advises Ilya Korobkov. “Once a day, this procedure will be enough to maintain the natural whiteness of the smile.”

Ginger. Chewing a couple of slices of ginger a day between meals can help keep your teeth white and your mouth healthy. “Ginger has an antibacterial effect, therefore it contributes to fresh breath, eliminates unpleasant odors, and serves as a prevention of stomatitis. But in the case of gastritis and kidney disease, the use of fresh ginger should be consulted with your doctor, ”the doctor warns.

Knowing of limits

Like any useful products listed above, they have their contraindications. If you have chronic diseases, then changes in your diet must be coordinated with your doctor. “A measure is important in everything, including the use of natural teeth whitening products,” says Ilya Korobkov. – You should not radically reshape your diet, you just need to slightly adjust it in the direction of benefit, reconsider your eating habits. The healthiest and most effective diet is the one that has become a way of life.”

In addition, the state of dental tissue is very dependent on overall health, the expert adds. Therefore, do not forget to take vitamins, apply the rules of a healthy diet, take care of the mineral composition, the balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats in daily meals. The most effective and affordable way to prevent staining of teeth and whiten them is to maintain their health.

Attention! Self-medication is unacceptable! For any health problems, you need to contact a specialist.