The solemn presentation of the 3rd annual award for achievements in pharmaceutical management was held as part of a thematic conference. Pharma Leadership Awards 2022 was held for the third time.

The award jury consists of active employees of pharmaceutical companies. Open-ended questions were used in the voting – each participant could propose his own contenders for victory. This ensured complete objectivity of voting. “The award is very interesting, because the nominations reflect the specifics of the pharmaceutical business. Participants from the industry evaluate the nominees, thus, professional actions are turned into the public domain, ”shared his opinion about the award Alexey Rogov, Valenta, winner of the BU HEAD nomination.

Among the main objectives of the award is to identify the best management experience in the pharmaceutical business and inform the business community about the role of professional management in the pharmaceutical industry for the development of medicine in the Russian Federation. “We often evaluate our results only within the team, and the Pharma Leadership Awards are an opportunity to get feedback on the achievements and impact on the entire pharmaceutical industry as a whole,” shared Anna Simanovich, drug manager, OTCPharm.

This year, more than 1,600 industry professionals took part in the voting. Nearly 500 employees became nominees for the award. “The value of the award, in addition to recognizing the merits of each of the nominees, is that it gives good motivation for all participants in the pharmaceutical industry to develop, learn, create, and continuously work on themselves,” noted Tatyana Sharova, winner of the HCP MARKETING nomination.