If the word “fashion” is not an empty phrase for you, there will certainly be a coat in your closet. maxi length, shoes with massive soles, leopard bag and other trendy things. And what to wear in the coming autumn-winter season is “contraindicated,” says stylist Yulia Litvinenko.

Slim coat

A bathrobe coat, in principle, is not suitable for anyone, often it simply adds extra volume to our figure. Straight and narrow models, midi length or knee-deep and slightly lower, all the more look frankly bad. It is better to choose a regular coat: single-breasted or double-breasted, slightly fitted or straight.

Since we are talking about outerwear, I will immediately point out one of the main mistakes of our women. Before buying, think carefully about what you wear most often – trousers or dresses with skirts. If the latter is a priority, make sure that the hem does not peek out from under the outerwear. Sometimes because of this, the proportions of the body are strongly “cut”.

short trench coat

What I mean? The classic model to the knee or 5-10 centimeters higher is rather narrow. There is a misconception that such a trench coat is ideal for petite girls, in fact, even for them it is better to choose other options: midi, mini. Plus, you need the right shape – straight, so as not to accidentally make yourself wider than you really are.

Today, the silhouette of the trench coat has changed dramatically, it should be more free, not fitted.

Narrow biker jacket

It is not the first season that oversize models are at the peak, they either completely cover the hips or reach the middle of the thigh, they are ideally combined with skinny jeans, leggings, boots with massive soles or boots with heels.

Short models, and even dressed up, with zippers, rivets, absolutely should remain in the closet until better times (after all, we remember that fashion is cyclical). When you fasten this jacket, it seems that it begins to burst at the seams (so narrow!).

Those who follow fashion may object here and recall the Saint Laurent collection, where tight leather jackets are styled with palazzo trousers – a tandem of grunge with elegance. But let’s really look at things, few ordinary people can competently embody such a combination in life.

Fitted quilted jacket

Only the lazy did not say about this model. Nevertheless, I remind you that now there should be air between the outerwear and the product that you put on. The times when we literally pulled a tight jacket over a voluminous sweater or sweatshirt are long gone. And this is great, because in this form it is elementary difficult to move.

“Flaccated” jersey

In autumn, we all warm up, putting away products made of light fabrics, they are replaced by knitwear. And he shouldn’t be lethargic. Form is what matters here.

Stretch skinny

As a rule, these blue jeans with fading are made of a thin, stretchy material, they are more like leggings. Remember that the fabric matters, it should be dense and in season.

Another common mistake: the wrong color of socks when you choose cropped jeans (to the ankle bone) and light-colored sneakers. Usually we wear black socks, but they stand out a lot. Better suited white, milk or caramel.

Hats with pompoms

I suggest keeping this hat for my daughter, or at least for winter sports, because walking around the city in it is, to put it mildly, a bad idea. It seems to create a playful look, but in fact we see some kind of absurdity, especially if such a model is worn by women of age with round features.


Remember the once popular soft caps with a chain near the visor? They are also hopelessly outdated. Especially in a cage! It’s time for panama hats and beanie hats.

Suede over the knee boots

Narrow toe, high heel (from 7 centimeters), material – suede, go well on the leg – such a model is in the past.

At the same time, the boots themselves are in trend, they just need to have an accent sole and be made of leather or varnish.