Boris Moiseev died Tuesday, September 27, aged 68. He had long been paralyzed after a stroke in 2010 and stopped appearing in public. In 2015, the singer and choreographer experienced another one. Apparently, the third blow was fatal. Why does the disease take the lives of people who are not at all old, despite the fact that medicine has long learned how to save such patients?

However, a stroke in itself today is not a fatal disease at all. In all regions and in every major city, there are vascular centers where they provide assistance to people who have experienced acute cerebrovascular accident (when blood does not enter a certain part of the brain due to a blood clot or rupture of a vessel). You just need to call an ambulance in time and take the person to the clinic, where specialized assistance is provided.

Boris Moiseev.

“Three hours are given to provide specialized care for a stroke,” explains a cardiologist, therapist, candidate of medical sciences, Denis Medvedev, Associate Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine with a course of cardiology and functional diagnostics named after academician V. S. Moiseev, RUDN University Medical Institute. – If you meet these three hours, then the consequences after a stroke for a person will be minimal. The chances are very high with the timely provision of medical care. Otherwise, there may be disability up to a fatal outcome.

What symptoms should be noticed in time? The doctor reminds that, first of all, these are signs of facial asymmetry (one side does not move, the corner of the mouth or corner of the eye drooped, strabismus), speech disorders, numbness of the limbs (only one half of the body, left or right leg or arm does not move), sharp persistent headache. Elderly people with a stroke can become disoriented in space and time. In this case, you need to urgently call an ambulance.

Denis Medvedev warns that no medicine should be given to the patient until the ambulance arrives. Including drugs for high blood pressure. “With a stroke, this is a compensatory reaction – the body independently increases pressure in order to saturate the brain with blood,” the doctor explains. Blood pressure-reducing drugs will only worsen the already disturbed blood supply to the brain.

In order not to live to see a stroke, after 40 years, you need to regularly undergo preventive medical examinations. You can not start chronic diseases, in particular hypertension – you should regularly take drugs prescribed by a doctor. Well, no one canceled a healthy lifestyle.