People who adhere to the principle that their life should develop “linearly and only for the better” are more likely than others to experience seasonal depression. Clinical psychologist Mikhail Khors spoke about this in an interview with RT.

The specialist explained that the accumulated physical fatigue, shortening of daylight hours and, as a result, deficiency of vitamins D and E have a negative impact on the emotional sphere of such people.

“Therefore, when their tone goes down, they internally protest, emotional tension arises, and, adding up, these two factors provoke seasonal depression,” Horse said.

He advised such people to reduce their level of demands on their efficiency and comfort. According to him, if you treat life as a “wave-like process”, then such seasonal changes will not become painful.

Earlier, clinical psychologist Irkyam Akhmerova said that a loss of appetite, apathy, and a lack of positive emotions from things that used to give pleasure indicate signs of depression at an early stage.