Decreased appetite, apathy, and a lack of positive emotions from things that used to give pleasure indicate signs of depression at an early stage. This was told in an interview with RT by a clinical psychologist, director of the psychology center of the Samara State Medical University Irkyam Akhmerova.

According to the doctor, if a person is in a decadent state for more than two weeks, his sleep and communication with others are disturbed, this is a reason to turn to a psychotherapist.

The psychologist also said that the human psyche depends on his physical condition, so you should keep yourself in good shape and get enough sleep.

“It is important to devote 15-20 minutes of physical activity every day, sleep for 7-8 hours in a ventilated room with closed curtains,” Akhmerova said.

As for nutrition, the psychologist recommended including vegetables and fruits in the diet, as well as keeping the water balance.

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