Why do people gain weight? What is the best way to start losing weight? What can be done to make this process not so bleak?

Our expert – psychotherapist, nutritionist, TV presenter, author of weight loss methodology, founder of the Lose Weight Online project, author of the books Three Steps to Slimness, The Brain Against Weight Loss, Lose Weight by the Metabolic Principle Sergey Oblozhko.

No diets!

Elena Gladkova, AiF. Health”: – Sergey Mikhailovich, why do people get fat?

Sergey Cover: Obesity can have many causes, which often form a vicious circle. The longer a person lies on the couch, the higher his weight, the higher the weight, the more difficult it is to start moving. The more fat in the body, the lower the sensitivity of cells to insulin, and the lower this sensitivity, the higher the craving for food, the sooner overweight turns into obesity.

– How to lose weight so as not to give up this venture halfway?

– In the matter of weight loss, indeed, it is more important not to lose, but to keep the result. Experience says that this is possible only in the case of modification of eating behavior. A long-term effect is given only by those changes that a person establishes once and for all. It is enough to change quite a bit: the content of the grocery basket, recipes, and master some food techniques. And if you are consistent, you can lose weight without tension and breakdowns.

Useful Skill

– You are a supporter of behavioral therapy for overweight. Tell me what is it?

“You have to learn how to eat right, just like how to drive a car. And for many, this is a revelation. It is important to understand that harmony is not a gift of fate, but the result of mastering certain knowledge and skills.

– Does the education of a psychotherapist help you in your work?

— Yes, I use a behavioral approach. Unlike revealing psychotherapy, which reveals some underlying causes of a particular problem, we offer a person a progressive strategy for modifying eating behavior in the form of a set of specific techniques that reduce increased food cravings. Behavioral psychology says that it is actions that create the right mood, and not vice versa. If a person is looking for motivation to start losing weight, he will always put off losing weight “for tomorrow”. We must not wait, but do. The first minus on the scale is the best motivation to keep going.

What is considered proper nutrition?

– Some believe that if you put, for example, an avocado in a dish, the food will immediately become right. Someone, trying to enrich the diet, falls into the captivity of “calorie bombs”, because salmon, nuts, olive oil, although useful, are high in calories, especially if you eat them together. We teach you to understand what and how much you eat and drink. By the way, many people eat moderately, but drink a lot of high-calorie drinks – tea with sugar, cappuccino, kvass, soda. And you can replace these drinks with those that help you lose weight: green tea, black coffee, fat-free cocoa, casein milk cappuccino, pectin compote.

Nothing is denied

We are all slaves of habits. Some people can’t live without sweets, others can’t live without sausages. How to painlessly give up your favorite food?

– The word “refuse” should be excluded from the lexicon of losing weight. This is our psychology: if something is categorically forbidden to us, we want it even more. The first step to slimness should be sweet. Therefore, we start by teaching people how to prepare desserts for weight loss. For example, pectin jam. It is made easily and quickly: the berries are not boiled, but beaten with a blender, then a thickener (pectin, which gives a feeling of satiety) and a natural sweetener (inulin) are added to them. The jam turns out to be just as sweet and tasty as usual, only its calorie content is 15 times lower. That is, you can eat delicious food and still lose weight!

We do not even prohibit those who are losing weight from ice cream, such as protein, milk or fruit ice (they are low in calories). Toppings (low-calorie sweet syrups) or marmalade help to reduce the “weight” of the dessert even more.

Then we work through the entire diet: soups, salads, hot dishes, drinks. Say, the same Olivier can be prepared for 180 kcal per 100 g, and for 50 kcal. It is enough to replace the sausage with boiled veal, take young potatoes, halve the amount of yolks and season the salad with low-calorie mayonnaise.

In my book Lose Weight Metabolically, there are recipes for low-calorie cakes: Napoleon on a Diet, Slender Count (alternatives to the classic Napoleon and Count Ruins).

“But you can’t eat low-calorie food, and if you eat a lot, you won’t lose weight. How to be?

– An amazing discovery in nutrition is that our brain does not understand how many calories we have eaten, it is important for it to enjoy food. Of course, in order to lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit. To do this, first of all, you need to calculate your equilibrium calorie content – find out how many calories you can consume per day so that the weight stands still. This setting is different for everyone. You can calculate it using a calculator (on the Internet). But it is better to go through a special study on the metabolograph. And having learned this figure, reduce the caloric content of the diet: by 40% if you need to lose weight quickly, by 20% if you lose weight slowly (which is more correct).

You can eat after 6 pm, but we must remember that the last meal is the most important, it largely depends on what the scales will show us tomorrow. Dinner should be hearty, but not excessive. And 2 hours before bedtime, you need a light snack. It will help to avoid the “night sleeper” and improve sleep, which affects harmony no less than diet. After all, in a dream, hormones that help lose weight are activated, and those that prevent weight loss are inhibited.

What should be the nutrition to avoid breakdowns

delicious. We always advise people to choose only tasty ones even from the right products. Only in this way will food cease to be a diet.

Fractional. Long pauses in eating increase food cravings. A failure in the “hungry pits” is fraught with hypoglycemia, which causes a wolfish appetite.

balanced. If a person lacks carbohydrates, he will be drawn to sweet and starchy foods. A diet low in protein or fiber will not satisfy your hunger. Protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber and a simple carbohydrate (small fruit or berries) should be present on the plate at the same time.

Volumetric. The optimal portion weight should be 200-400 g, with drinks – up to 500 g. It is important to take into account the energy density of the diet – the calorie content of 1 g of food. If it is less than 1 kcal, the person will lose weight. If a lot more – gain weight. For example, nuts contain 6 kcal per 1 g, so for the period of creating a calorie deficit, you should not lean on them, and then you should consume no more than 20 g per day. The basis of the diet for the period of weight loss should be low-calorie foods: lean meat and fish, fruits, vegetables, cereals, good pasta, mushrooms. There is such noodles – shirataki, it is not digested at all in the body, but it requires a lot of energy for digestion, therefore it helps to lose weight. Using the principle of calorie density, we get a full plate of food that is safe for the figure, which at the same time saturates well.