Usually everyone is interested in advice on how to save relationships, make them happy and leading to a “happily ever after.” But we decided to go the other way.

destroy relationshipsdestroy relationships

We bring to your attention effective bad advice on how to destroy relationships with 100% probability and make a man immediately leave your field of influence, or better, move to another country for permanent residence.

So, what can be done to make a man disappear in horror and never return, except in his worst nightmares?

No pity for him

Never, under any circumstances, feel sorry for a young man, do not understand his feelings, find fault with trifles. Become his worst nightmare, let him not dare to tell you about any of his mistakes.

For this:

  • discount his feelings, problems and achievements;
  • blame him for all problems;
  • be ruthless, don’t accept his moments of sadness.

All the good that he does, take it for granted and for granted. Do not show that you appreciate his actions, but rather ignore them.

how to destroy a relationshiphow to destroy a relationship

Self pity

Start whining 24 hours a day as soon as you see him on the horizon. Complain about everything: the conductor and the weather, bad food and insufficiently warm tap water, colleagues, joyless entertainment, that he is not responsive enough. Well, when he starts to make claims, start whining that he does not want to understand and support you.


Give orders like a general and let the guy walk the line. Remember that you want everything in the world and demand: gifts, flowers, attention, agreeing in everything, romantic deeds 24/7. If the guy refuses, start a scandal and literally make him do it.

Take your personal space

You can take away his personal space: go with him to all gatherings with friends, to all holidays, and so on. Constantly and inseparably hold his hand, especially during meals. Invade his personal space like a Viking in a Saxon village! Request all passwords from social networks, read correspondence, take his phone without permission, rummage through your bag, things, jacket, jeans pockets. Imagine yourself as a police officer looking for drugs from a suspicious type. If you find a craving for life and optimism in your pockets, confiscate it immediately.

Be sure to annoy him with his exes: make him repeat that he no longer loves them, make him tell you that they are worse than you and exactly what. And most importantly – at the end of this tirade, always answer “I do not believe you.”

how to destroy a relationshiphow to destroy a relationship

Be jealous

Endless and constant jealousy is the surest way to destroy a relationship. The main thing is to do it smoothly and systematically, and also in a smart way, so that he always has to make excuses. Check your pockets, arrange interrogations and be jealous of your friends, colleagues, neighbors. And, of course, throw tantrums.

throw tantrums

Keep the young man under constant stress so that he can never relax. Start yelling at him like a fool every time he does something wrong or something you don’t like. Beat dishes, throw objects, throw his favorite slippers out the window, yell so that the windows burst.


Do not criticize constructively, offering solutions, we do not need this, because we want him to leave you. Criticize just like that, get to the bottom of everything he does, and if you find any slack, be sure to start putting pressure on it until it cracks. The guy needs to understand that you are not going to be understanding, and that the most cruel judge and executioner in his life is you.

But we remind you that bad advice is just a guide to how NOT to do it. Relationships are something that both of you work on as a team, not destroyed by your actions.

Photo: Unsplash