Do you know people who live next door? What are their names, what cars do they drive, what holidays do they celebrate? If you need to go away for a while, would you entrust a duplicate apartment key to a neighbor to water the flowers or feed the cat?

Pollsin world showthat 36% of residents of apartment buildings know only a few of their neighbors or do not know anyone at all. If you are in the same situation but want to change it, there are several ways to get to know the people living nearby and build relationships with them.

1. Learn more about them

Try to get out of your comfort zone: say hello to your neighbor in the elevator, introduce yourself, ask him his name. Gradually, you will begin to communicate more often, you will have common topics for conversation and you will get to know those who live near you much better.

When new tenants move into the apartment across the street, walk up to introduce yourself and offer help, such as lifting boxes and other items upstairs. This will immediately set up relations with new neighbors in a friendly way.

2. Do something nice every day

Try not to expect good from others, but to become its source. The simplest example is to help a grandmother who lives in your stairwell carry heavy bags of groceries to her apartment.

Another option is to take advantage of your talents and hobbies. If you love to bake, cook delicious cakes for your neighbors. If you are planting plants, donate a sprout so that someone else can plant an unusual flower in their home.

Any small gesture of kindness will not only please others, but will also lift your spirits.

3. Expand your social circle

Coming home at night, shutting the door tightly, and spending time on the couch watching your favorite show is a lot easier than trying to make friends. However, no matter how nervous the process of rapprochement may be, it will bring you much more inner satisfaction.

Try to interact with different people more often. For example, try to find a common language with residents of other entrances or neighboring houses. Your steps towards will inspire those around you. So, gradually your staircase, and then the yard will change for the better. But for that to happen, you have to start with yourself.

If you have children, encourage them to socialize with their peers in the neighborhood. Just remember to instruct your child in detail in case of unforeseen dangerous situations. Unfortunately, they do not always occur with the participation of strangers. Sometimes people we’ve known for years can bring just as many problems.

4. Take part in initiatives

Chat at home, help out with common tasks, or even organize an event that gives residents the opportunity to get together, get to know each other, and network. Remember that actions mean much more than words. Try to treat everyone equally and not give in to prejudice.

5. Respect the common space

Each of us shares a certain part of the adjacent territory with our neighbors: a corridor, a staircase, an entrance, a yard, and so on. And this space deserves the same respect as our own housing. Don’t litter in common areas, don’t litter the aisles, clean up after your dog in the yard, don’t make noise late at night – these rules are not at all difficult to follow.

If conflicts arise, it is better to immediately discuss all the problems so as not to bring misunderstandings to a critical point. The neighbors will thank you.

Do you know your neighbours? Are you friends with them or do you not find mutual understanding? Tell in the comments!