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A domain name is potential energy awaiting a creative spark to unleash its intrinsic power.

Personal websites will be utilized alongside social media in our expanding digital economy. Websites can connect with social media while maintaining control of the content & advertising! Imagine, 4 billion people online, some with 2 or 3 sites. There will be a need for billions of new domain names! nTLDs will thrive. Better yet, domains will FINALLY be recognized as a MAINSTREAM investment. This is the ground floor!

A business’s inability to secure a domain name that sufficiently relates to its name or products, however, might well have a significant effect on its very existence…

As such, a viable domain name is not simply a luxury in today’s economy, but rather a corporate necessity without which a business is unable to effectively compete in the marketplace. The inability of a company to acquire a meaningful domain can therefore directly influence the success or failure of that business.

Tamara Kurtzman, American Bar Assoc.

.com is owned by Verizon. Now that Alphabet owns their own new TLDs, what new algorithm will Google use to rank?

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